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Everything in our world begins with an idea.  All of our projects begin with an idea.  Realizing an idea by turning it into metal is a specialty of ours.  Below you will see two examples of how a customers idea is transformed into the final product. When we meet with our customers, they express their ideas to us. We translate these ideas onto paper and upon conferring with our customers we move to the final step. Here are two examples of the before and after.

Stand For Bronze Sculpture
Before And After


 Gate At Sage Bistro
Before And After

 Final Picture To Come




Welding:  The process of joining metals by melting the parts and then using a filler to form a joint.  Welding is done using different energy sources such as gas flame, electric arc, laser, or ultrasound.

Blacksmithing:  The art of creating objects from iron or steel by the process of forging which involves heating the metal until it becomes only partially melted.  Blacksmithing techniques are then used to shape the metal in that semi-flexible state.